Can I Get A Car Loan With an Under 500 Credit Score?

When you have a credit score under 500 it can be difficult to find a dealership that is willing to work with you, is reputable, and won’t try to send you off with a crappy car. Thankfully, for people living in the Piqua, Ohio area, this doesn’t have to be the reality. With Car N Credit, you can get a car loan with a credit score under 500. 

Car N Credit Car Loan

Car N Credit prides itself on its friendly and knowledgeable staff. Right when you arrive at Car N Credit, our staff is there to walk you through the car-buying process. You are more than a sale, or a way to make a bottom line. We don’t want you to walk away with debt you can’t handle and a car that doesn’t work. We want to get to know your needs before you even sit in one of our cars. 

At Car N Credit, we know that rough times and a low credit score do not mean you are an unreliable person. We have all had bad days, weeks, and even years. Thankfully, your credit score doesn’t have to mean you can’t get a car loan. With Car N Credit, you can get a car loan with a credit score under 500. 

Get the Car You Want

Many people with low credit scores, find themselves with a clunker that doesn’t work and constantly needs maintenance. Unlike other dealerships, Car N Credit wants to ensure you get a car that suits your needs and your budget. You can work with our friendly staff to get the car, truck, SUV, or minivan that you need. Our philosophy is that your credit shouldn’t affect your car buying options.

How to Start the Process

Car N Credit is dedicated to making the car-buying process quick and easy. That is why we have an online portal where you can apply for a car loan before you even come to the dealership. If you know the type of car you are looking at, or a rough estimate of how much you will spend, we can get you pre-approved before you even set foot on the lot. This process is a no-obligation car loan application, meaning if you apply, you are not obligated to purchase a car with us. Plus, our loan application does not affect your credit score. This makes applying for a car loan with Car N Credit risk-free!

Car N Credit Car Loan for Credit Scores Under 500

At Car N Credit, we know that you are more than your credit score, that is why we work with everyone, regardless of their credit score. Stop by our Piqua dealership, call us (937) 773-0895, or start the car-buying process online today!

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