Will Buying a Car from Car-N-Credit Help Build My Credit Score?

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When you have bad credit or lack of credit, it can feel like an impossible task to build your credit to a point where you can get decent offers for loans, credit cards, or a mortgage. However, knowing how to navigate the wide world of credit is key. To boost your credit score, you’ll need to:

  1. Remember that building credit is a slow-and-steady process, and
  2. Take some crucial steps toward obtaining lines of credit and being responsible with them.

Buying a car can be one of the best ways to raise your credit score as long as you are diligent about making on-time payments. Once you finance a car, you’ll see your loan reflected on your credit report. Make your payments in full and on time, and you’ll slowly start to see that credit score rise.

How Can Car-N-Credit Help Me Raise My Score?

Car-N-Credit is a buy here pay here car dealership. A buy here pay here (BHPH) dealership is one of the best places for people with negative or no credit to find a vehicle because it’ll finance your vehicle for you regardless of whether you have bad credit or lack of credit. You can walk onto the lot, pick out your vehicle, get financing, and drive off with your car the same day. Come back to us to make convenient payments per your payment schedule.

At Car-N-Credit, we offer options for people with no credit and people with bad credit to get into a vehicle they can afford without faulting you because of your credit. Other auto dealerships typically turn away customers with lower than a “Good” credit score of at least 670 or above. We want you to build your credit with a little help from us, which is why our loan options are designed for people just like you.

Bad Credit/No Credit Car Loan

We offer bad credit car loans that we make specifically for people with bad or no credit. There are no credit checks, so you won’t be penalized for having a less than stellar credit score. You’ll even have access to our guaranteed auto financing if you live within 60 miles of our dealership and short, two-year loan options to get your vehicle paid off quickly and boost your score.

Credit Reporting

Another way we stand out from other car dealerships is that we report to the credit bureau on your behalf every month, unlike some places that only report bi-monthly, quarterly, or even semi-annually. That means that you’ll get credit for making on-time payments in full as quickly as possible. Every time we update the credit bureau with your positive payment history, your credit gets a positive mark.

It’s up to you to do the work to improve your credit by only financing what you can reasonably afford and making your payments on time. But, Car-N-Credit can certainly help you reach your goals quicker with our financing options for people with poor or no credit. Check out our inventory online and then contact us at (937) 773-0895 to learn more about your loan options.

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