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Best Dealership for Bad Credit Car Loans in the Miami Valley

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People with bad credit are often turned away from car dealerships that refuse to finance them because they’re “risky” to lenders. However, having bad credit shouldn’t automatically make you ineligible to buy a car. At Car-N-Credit, we help people like you with a less-than-perfect credit history find a vehicle they love for the right price. We offer both bad credit and no credit loans to people in Troy, Dayton, Piqua, Sidney, and the Miami Valley.

Why Choose Car-N-Credit for Bad Credit Car Loans in the Miami Valley?

If you have bad credit and still want to buy a car, you have options – especially with Car-N-Credit! We believe that no person who’s serious about financing a vehicle should be turned away, which is why we’ve created a process that can get you into the car you want, regardless of your credit score.

Here’s why you should choose Car-N-Credit for your bad credit car loan in the Miami Valley:

We Have a Seamless and Simple Process

Want to finance a vehicle from us? You can start the process online by filling out your basic information on our online form. Someone from our dealership will contact you, let you know more about the financing process, and give you some options based on your credit.

The good news is that we guarantee financing for anyone who lives within 60 miles of our dealership. No matter what your credit looks like, we’ll find a solution that works for you to get you the car you want and put your credit back on the right path. 

We Offer Friendly Service

Our team is full of professional, friendly people who want to see you get into the vehicle you want without a hassle. Whether you’ve decided on the car you want to buy or need a little help choosing, we always have staff available who are eager and willing to help you. We’re part of the Paul Sherry Family of Dealerships, and we hold our customer service to the high standards of the company.

We Have Clean Facilities

If you choose to shop with us in-person, you’ll see that we don’t just take pride in the vehicles on our lot; we also take pride in our facilities. Cleanliness and sanitation are – and have always been – a priority for us to keep our visitors and staff safe and healthy.

You Can Shop and Apply Online

One of the things our customers appreciate most about us – especially during this unique time – is that you can shop for your car and apply for financing online. We provide information about each vehicle in our inventory on our website for you to browse before visiting us. 

This not only saves you time shopping, but it also helps you see what we have available and decide what you want and can afford. Once you’ve found the car you want, you can head to our online car loan application to get the process started. This is a no-obligation application, meaning that you don’t have to accept our offer just because you applied.

Visit Us for Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit should never be enough to disqualify you from owning a vehicle. That’s why the Car-N-Credit team is dedicated to offering our customers viable financing solutions that work with their credit and income. With our financing, you’ll even have the opportunity to raise your credit score with our regular credit reporting.

Visit us in-person or online, or call us at (937) 773-0895 to learn more about our bad credit car loans and begin the application process.

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