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Searching for a car with bad or no credit isn’t an issue with some help from Paul Sherry Car-N-Credit. We are the best place to search for a used car in the area and we make it easy to buy here and pay here. We specialize in bad credit, meaning we can accommodate anyone, regardless of your credit score. In addition to our excellent rates, Paul Sherry Car-N-Credit offers a few factors you simply won’t find at all dealerships in the area.

bad credit used carsFriendly Service

At Paul Sherry Car-N-Credit, we pride ourselves on friendly customer service, no matter what type of vehicle you are looking for or how much you plan on spending. Our goal is to get you behind the car you want, which is why we will happily answer any questions you have [...]


Even with great credit and an excellent auto loan, you don’t want to waste money by buying the wrong used minivan. Just like some new models will do better than others, the same is true for used ones. Certain brands tend to be more reliable as they age or simply last longer, making them better options in the hunt for a used minivan. Instead of worrying about which one you should buy, just follow this list to discover which models you should consider.

dodge-grand-caravan-bad-creditToyota Sienna (Second Generation)

The Toyota Sienna’s second generation ran from the 2004 to 2010 model year, and the minivans right at the end of this generation are excellent choices for used minivans, earning the top rankings from industry experts. The 2009 and 2010 models, in particular, stood out for their available all-wheel drive and [...]

If you have an auto loan, then this will obviously impact your credit score in some way. What you may not realize is that paying it off early won’t necessarily raise your credit rating. Paying off a credit card debt would have that sort of positive impact. However, loans on installment plans are considered differently in your credit report and score, meaning that they are unlikely to boost your score significantly.

How It Affects Your Credit Score

While paying off your car won’t necessarily help your credit score, it won’t hurt it, either. It may have a small impact on your score in a positive way, but it shouldn’t be enough to make a difference when getting loans or opening lines of credit in the future. To understand how your auto loan affects your credit score, you need to understand a few important things. Your credit score will typically be better if you have multiple [...]

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